2022, CANTINA TÀIA is born

Passion, care, professionalism…
the uniqueness of our wines

Behind each label are the multiple facets of a single territory and of traditional viticulture to which the company has been dedicated for more than 50 years.


Winemakers for generations, the first vineyards were purchased by my great-grandfather Carlo and my grandfather Alfredo who sold the grapes to the social wineries in the area and limited themselves to producing wine for their own consumption.

My father and my aunt, both carrying out different jobs, continued to follow the company over the years more out of passion than as a profession. Even though I have had this passion for the land since I was young, I chose a different career path which led me to live abroad for a few years.

Moving away from home has never extinguished, but rather strengthened my bond with the territory and with my origins. Once I returned to Italy, I began to follow the company and during an oenology and viticulture course, I met Nicola Biasi and it was also thanks to him that the idea of transforming our grapes into our wine took shape.

Thus in 2022 CANTINA TÀIA was born!

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