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In this section, we want to share with you what important experts in the wine sector have perceived when tasting our wines, making us proud of the commitment to quality, care and innovation that we put into our work every day.

Veronelli Guide 2024

From this year, among the 15,786 wines present in “I Vini di Veronelli – Guida Oro 2024” there are also ours!

Oltrepò Pavese Riesling, Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Nero Rosato and Il Rosso achieved excellent scores.



Certificate issued by winescritic.com on the occasion of the “La Grande Bellezza” event held in Milan on 5 June 2023 in which we participated.

Il Golosario

Paolo Massobrio of “Il Golosario” writes like this: “Cascina Tàia is a very young reality: it was born only last year. Just as young is its creator, Stefania Scarabelli, who has decided to relaunch the heritage put together by her great-grandfather and grandfather Today he cultivates 15 hectares between the municipalities of Montecalvo Versiggia and Santa Maria della Versa. Among the cultivated vines, Pinot Noir reigns supreme, to which are added Barbera and Croatina for the red grapes and Renano Riesling, Chardonnay, Moscato and Pinot. gray for the whites. The Oltrepò Pavese Riesling 2022 represents a delicate version of this wine, with a nose where the often predominant hydrocarbons, in this case, although present, leave room for the pear. In the mouth the acidity is lively. Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Nero Rosato 2022 has an orange colour, small fruits and blood notes stand out in the mouth to leave room for a light, summery sip. Its Red Wine is certainly fascinating: on the nose there are aromas of blackcurrant and almond while in the mouth it is powerful, full, but with edges that reveal a possible positive evolution.

Vinoway Selection 2024

On October 21, 2023, at Castello Monaci Resort in Salice Salentino, the prestigious Vinoway Selection 2024 event was held, during which the “BEST ITALIAN PRODUCTIONS” were selected.

We are proud that all our wines have received very important scores!
• GOLD selection for Red – 92/100
• SILVER selection for Riesling and Pinot Noir Rosé – 90/100

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Enzo Patronelli on ZenoMag (17/11/2023)

The company is recently founded, in fact, the harvest just concluded is only the second in its official history. Although in reality, the winemaking activity in the Scarabelli family’s vineyards dates back to Stefania’s great-grandfather and the wine was produced for personal use while most of the grapes were given to other wineries in the area.

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ViniPlus of Lombardy 2024

The guide book to quality wine production in Lombardy published by the Italian Sommelier Association of Lombardy has assigned 3 Camunian roses to each of our wines.
Recognition attributed to “wines of good workmanship and good personality which, in addition to possessing certain organoleptic qualities, very correctly interpret the expressiveness of the vine or vines used.

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